Prior Services & Bulletins

To view ALL of our historical videos on Facebook, please click on the link below to get to our main Facebook Video page.

Peace Lutheran Church | Facebook

11/24/2022 – Please note that Facebook has changed how videos are shown. We are now posting the link to the video as Facebook displays an “Error Type Message” instead of showing the start of the video. We are going to investigate migrating our future videos to YouTube. In the meantime, please click on the video link to Facebook to view each service.

Please note that there are some sound quality issues on this video. We are actively working on fixing the issue but it will take a little time.

Due to technical difficulties, the Facebook video of the service is unavailable.

There were issues with the video for the August 21, 2022 Service. While it is available on Facebook in three parts, the first two parts are either missing sound or extremely low volume if any. Our apologies for this issue.

The Sunday, August 7, 2022 Service had problems during capture and transmit to Facebook. We are providing links to all three portions of the service. Thank you for your understanding.